Stop moaning.
I am sick of logging onto this site & seeing whingers & moaners publishing stuff that does nothing but further our decline !!

Get a life & do something about putting things right or at least find the positives to write about.

The only excuse I can make for the Britain bashers is they have given up,in a care home,or just plain past it.
Yes we have problems, but far too many seem to delight in the present difficulties [ like those who never stop complaining about this site, accept it has always been faulty or leave ]

Where is your fighting spirit, has all optimism died along with your imagination ?
Have a moan by all means,bring problems here, but cut down on Britain bashing, the irony is when foreigners [ or MoO ] come here to run the country down, suddenly one sees there’s a spark of life, of nationalism & loyalty, but in truth bloggers are far more disloyal.

MyT has become moribund because too many have the benefits mentality accepting the fate which you believe is looming for the country, are your lives so dull & lifeless that you cannot even attempt to fight back ?
Get behind someone who is trying to sort Britain out,someone like Gove, Nigel Farage, even David Cameron, but get off the negative & onto the positive.

If you don’t……… then why should anyone else ?

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