Yesterday,these two birds had me in stitches, all day long a male & female sparrow have been trying to get into my new building, the female has pecked away at the seal on the double glazed window frame being egged on by him…he the coward who was very vocal in his encouragement, but not once engaging in any vandalism himself.

At lunchtime I opened the window a little to see what they would do & after a while they realised they could enter the room,flying out again when I walked in.

This happened twice so they know there is nothing in the room for them, having let them see that, I closed the window again, but on they went.
The noise & determination of these two has been quite remarkable, they were still at it when I came into the house at dusk.

Yes & they are back this morning doing exactly the same,how long will this go on ?
The odd thing is that I have a huge garden with plenty of trees & ivy elsewhere.

I can only assume they have returned after a spell away & expected to build a nest in a previous nest site…..because builders put this window in three weeks ago but the ivy & greenery was removed well before then by about another three weeks…

Do you think this is what it’s all about?

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