Is anyone else sick & tired of hearing about food tampering …by government…drink having a minimum price etc ?

Honestly why do we…all the sensible ones have to suffer ? When will common sense return & people be allowed to make decisions for themselves ?
I want pork pies,full fat digestive biscuits,fish,chips & crisps, I want to buy wine & alcohol at a low price so let me make my own dietary decisions.

What the government should be doing instead of bludgeoning the producers & vendors of all these evil foods,is spending money on self discipline programmes,how to self control & make wise choices…how to say NO & moderation
I loathe fat & admit to being a fatist !
No, I am not talking about a little chubbiness I am talking about obesity, but the gross wobblers.
There’s another woman in the news this morning 33 stone in weight at a cost of £200 a week spent on food .Do the government really think tampering with our snacks will change people like her … ???
When I say all this to people who talk about diets they look at me & say , ‘ oh but you’re lucky being slim,’ lucky ?
No, I am not… I’m sensible , if I gorge one day then the next I will not, gross wobblers gorge every day … there’s the difference.
No excuses please, overweight is over feeding,over indulgence, gone is the excuse of …. a glandular problem ! If these greedy eaters want to kill themselves let them & withdraw NHS services, they clearly have the money for food so let them pay their own medical bills with that, they’ll soon come around to using some sense.
At present we assist them in their indulgence, this is what should stop as should messing with things we all enjoy in moderation.


Hands off our digestives Mr Cameron & that ghastly politburo in Brussels.

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