When did you have yours, did you have one yet ?
Cropper has made me think about this, by saying we all have to find our niche.
I remember so clearly finding mine & making my decision to live the way I do. It was about 12 years ago.

Having always been a happy optimistic person,I’d trundled happily through life with the usual tide of work & play. Since divorce I’d had a couple of chances to remarry..
But that morning, I was making the bed & a voice, [ in my head ] which had been quietly nagging me for sometime ,was there again, louder, telling me to get out, socialise more,find another husband & become, ahem… normal !

I found myself putting up arguments asking why ? I had been married [ a second time very briefly] had had my children, was financially secure so why marry….knowing I’d rather live on my own.
Another voice chimed in saying, no, you do not have to do anything, why change what you are happy with ?
It was a good question & as though a light bulb had been switched on, a huge relief ~ I was going to allow myself to choose my own path & not conform to what was expected of me, so no more nagging this was it & this is the way I want to stay.
Time to be kind to me after years of giving out, it’s my turn.
I celebrated with a cup of coffee & not for one second have I wanted to change the status quo.

Some have this Damascene moment when finding God, religion, sobriety, career change,breaking chains, near death experience, did you, what life changing decision of this nature have you had, when did you decide to be totally yourself ?

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