Is it symptomatic of the modern age.Is it a lack of courage or simply lacking in thoroughness ?

When did common sense disappear, when was it made illegal to deploy the basic preventions so obvious to many of us.
Once again this week I switch on the news & get bombarded with facts, this time on womb cancer,apparently obesity is now the culprit… wasn’t it only a few months ago it was early sex & sperm getting the blame… that was the reason for vaccinating a population of young girls for HPV ?
Instead of educating young boys to wear condoms, if they must have sex , the same goes for abortion…. educating boys to always use a condom would be a lot more sensible & would reduce the statistics a great deal…not to mention STD’s.

Next up is,immigration, why did no one see the devastation & cost of this open door policy,now too late to reverse ? Instead of closing borders we allow more to flow in,instead of saying no we allow more mosques & now houses to be built in our green pastures to accommodate them !
Then there’s schools & drop in education standards, [partly due to the immigration debaclé ] why didn’t those who threw the borders open not look ahead at how their idea would reverberate right throughout our system from housing to hospital & maternity wards ?
British children have had to suffer more exams,more scrutiny,more security whilst poor teachers,many immoral, have been left in place,we have madrassars teaching hatred of the West & again Ofsted has allowed them to continue through sheer ignorance.
Thank goodness rules are changing on their visits,allowing spot checks for their inspections.
24 hours drinking,well, surprise, surprise, more drinking just at a time when we know the UK has a drinking problem.So Cameron increase the price & punishes the sensible drinkers !
What about medics, it seems when one reads the papers, that any foreigner who waves qualifications papers in the face of authority is believed, without the proper checks as to their veracity.
They can practice with impunity until something goes terribly wrong.

…………and don’t even start me on the bogus organisations within our Universities, being allowed to function , only when something extreme happens will there be a knee jerk reaction instead of that old adage…a stitch in time saves nine !
What this country needs is not some knee jerk reactions or some Champagne quaffing oik from a wealthy background [ I never thought I’d be saying this ] it needs someone who knows what is going on,who knows the workings of his local environment, someone who is the core of that community,someone who cares more about his country than appearance, being seen with the right people & posturing on the world stage, someone who can prioritise ,not someone who wants to interfere in other countries trying to chase our faded colonial past, but someone who can see ahead & will make our country great for the future world.
Someone who will free us from the shackles of the EU & give us back the ‘feel good ‘ factor…….we need to think anew. We need someone someone to give us that feel good factor !
To whom can we turn ?

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