Well now, after all the excitement [ & problems ] of buying & setting up the iPad … I duly packed it up & returned to sender !
That in itself is a long story but all turned out well in the end & I am now convinced I was right about it being at worst a pirate copy & at best a faulty model.

I have since acquired something far more nifty,especialy for the girls… an iPod Touch, I had absolutely no idea they existed , but thanks to my builders,I discovered these little gems.

Many, like me, probably think an iPod is purely an MP3 player…well no, there are a number of types of iPod.
The one I have is much the same size as the iPhone, but sleeker & it can do everything an iPad can do.
As a travel companion it will be brilliant, no more lugging a laptop & camera on holiday,or even into the garden . This little gadget makes the iPod look positively ugly.
If you are like me, someone who does not walk around clutching the dreaded mobile phone, this is the tool for you, small is beautiful… especially if it works well. 😉

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