This is what the Economist mag thinks will happen should Scotland become independent, their hilarious spoof has upset the wee mon !

You have to love the new names they’ve given the islands & surrounds, Orkward Islands,Glasgone,Loanislands,Edinborrow, Grumpians,Loanlands & Skintland ! You’ll have to visit the article to see the bigger version of this map .

“The Scots found it tough in the 18th century to be a small nation in a globalising world. But nationalists are optimistic, and they would dearly like to have another go.
“The Darien scheme failed and nearly bankrupted the country. Within a decade, Scotland had signed an Act of Union with England to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain.”

Do they have aspirations beyond their capabilities ?

LINK: Skintland-Fury-The-Economists-spoof-view-Scotlands-future-goes-independent.html#ixzz1s1hTfSLl

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