So the man who cannot even find a decent barber is about to give away another 10bn of UK tax payers money !

Really you could not make up all the happenings of the last two years.It reads like a poorly written novel,no suspense just sheer incompetency & farce.
At the heart of the problem are ego’s, ego’s the size of the world bank,run by someone like DSK who has their mind/sights on other things.
Someone somewhere is engineering all this fiasco, my question is, who ?

I’m off out to splash my Visa, when that’s full I shall use my Mastercard, when that’s full there’s the American Express.
I can always do the same with my store cards,then I can pay with cheques, when the banks stop my account I can write IOU’s whilst I sell my gold jewellery,when things get really bad I can always start stealing from family & friends.
Unfortunately all this will land me in jail……..but guess what not our banks or our Chancellor, he gets paid to steal !

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