Is it practical austerity or conservative ?

Before the result of elections being held today, I see this about a school in France refusing to take 20 children from ethnic backgrounds.
On the surface this seems perfectly fair, especially if these children cannot speak basic French …… see all the problems English schools are having with almost 100 different languages, I mean how & where on earth do you start with such a problem ? Then there’s the funding for all the teachers & translators.

Being refused are asylum seekers children,what to do,send them back home ?
Did Frau Merkel/Sarkozy see such problems when they insisted on haircuts.

Personally I think someone has to get to grips with the problem of immigrants & their children…. the knock- on effects for the lack of courage by politicians on immigration, is seeping though in so many ways.
It’s all very well to talk about rights & humanity but both have their limits, what is best for these children,to go back to their roots & help change that country for the better or live a second rate existence where they are shunned & cannot find employment in this new foreign land ?
Meaning they never really belong anywhere ?

So now we wait for results of the election & then wait to see how M Hollande will cope with this pressing problem,especially as he has said he will challenge the austerity pact.Does he have any idea about the enormous problems which await ?

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