Yes the sun shone & the first rose of summer winked at me.

I received a £25 cheque from the PO for a win on my premium bonds & I pulled off a separate deal I’m very pleased with… [ too involved to explain here ]
Then I went into Orange, which I always dread… complain about the Vitesse [ speed & reach ] of my internet which was giving me 10 metres only & then dipping on a regular basis, meaning I have lost & had to rewrite comments here.
After practicing my French, at length, I have returned home with a new Livebox & for the last two hours I have had uninterrupted wi-fi in my conservatory, plus a full signal……result !

Not only does this complaint seem to have been successful, I was also helped by such a kind enthusiastic lad, [ mother lives in Manchester ] which is always bonus here, he even sold me a new contract for almost 25% less than I have been paying pm !

I also picked up a sweet little 22 inch LED TV for my new garden studio,ready for the Jubilee,Wimbledon & the Olympics,for a snip [ 99€ guaranteed for 2 years ] ……. because it was on Promo in Cora.

So all in all I’m very pleased with this day ,which is now being rounded orf with a 13% proof glass of red.
Cheers. 🙂

Hope you had a good day too ?

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