“The row will come to a head on Wednesday when European Union leaders will gather for an informal summit dinner to discuss a potential “growth pact” for the eurozone.”

Why do this lot have to be fed all the time,why are there lavish dinners & lunches laid on for these fat cats ?
Greeks are living out of trash bins & this lot are on Champagne !!

Why are they not shut up in a hall from 9 until 1pm or two till six pm , why are they not working office hours to solve these problems ?
They fly half way around a world with wives all competing with each other, to eat exotic foods,the men strutting around trying to get attention worried about who stands by whom for the official photograph……..which is all we get to see, grinning smug politicians full of themselves,with a half rolled up sleeve to appear workmanlike. Smile wave for the camera’s ,titter .

How much sense do they make drinking alcohol at such important dinners ?
Where did the G20 yakkity yak take place,how long did it last & why is it not televised ?
Why are the people excluded & only thrown a tidbit like ‘we are making progress’ what utter tripe they palm us off with !
The irony is, that the deeper the cuts & austerity the more of these ‘social occasions’ they hold…….& these are the very people who landed us in this mess, things have to change.

I would love to know the total that’s been spent on Eurozone crisis meetings/summits in the last 3 years, I bet it nears a billion .
My advice to them all………just make a bloody decision…….like, close the whole friggin’ show down !!!


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