“The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.”

I was going to put this on Sabina’s blog but decided the subject should be explored further,so here’s my reply Sabina.
Tolerance is shown in the UK everyday & in abundance, there’s generosity & a generosity of spirit not found in most other countries.
I don’t need to list the benefits of living in the UK, but I think there is a need to point out the intolerance of those who do sue for racism or abuse.
Each time the courts accept a case it is almost always from a minority group .
They seem to think they are special.

I have strongly disagreed with pandering to those who go to court bleating about someone calling them names.These cases should never get to court.
White heterosexuals get called names on a regular basis, [ Cameron did it on Wednesday,just imagine if that had been said to an intolerant type] how silly it would be for someone to go to court for being called a bastard for instance? Yet this word has many connotations as do a number of abusive sexual terms.
Do we sue …… never, imagine the ridicule if we did ?
I believe tolerance in the UK has become entirely one sided.

Just as love & respect are two way so tolerance, as we understand it, should be, if anything I would say we have been far too tolerant for words.
We’ve allowed minorities to cry victim when they are nothing of the sort,they are just intolerant.
Most of us were brought up to rise above the name calling with the sticks & stones will break my bones,but names will never hurt me, mantra. Bring it back.

All of these groups want equality, here is the irony, equality means you minority groups must become tolerant, as we are, you take the rough with the smooth as we have to.

‘Normal’ people [ even that word will be criticised ] cannot criticise gays, but they,gays, can call us anything they like. [ Steven Fry’s sneering term breeders ]
We can’t speak freely about muslims/Islam,but they can say what they like about us & do.
We can’t even call someone fat or obese,but they can call us skinny, underfed,anorexic .
Why ?
Because we are a tolerant people….. people who have walked on eggshells for far too long……..I vote we become less tolerant of their intolerance & regain our British humour, ASAP.

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