Being in the euro zone I have had to give some thought to this situation.

I have made some contingency plans,but two thoughts occurred to me this morning, that if I were a politician in France,should the worst happen…and it’s looking like a certainty, I’d put a halt on all credit cards & make all transactions cash only.
If this should happen & banks even temporarily closed their doors what would fill the void & how would expats get their hands on cash sent from the UK ?
Normally one would have credits sent from a UK bank to their European bank any delays are filled with the CC or cheque.
Whilst I don’t think the cash would be in danger but liquidity & cash flow most certainly would be affected.

This is something we expats should be thinking about & at least keep some accessible cash elsewhere to buy essentials.
Would a UK bank send to a European Post Office,would PO’s be prepared to open new accounts………should we be thinking of setting one up in readiness, would the PO be safer than a bank ?

Also, about the scare tactics being used in the doomsday scenario of UK trade with the EU if or when Greece,Spain or Italy crash, politicians everywhere are making predictions of catastrophic proportions…if the UK left the union IE:loss of trade with EU countries.

What no one is saying, is that should these countries default, crash out of the Euro, they wouldn’t be able to afford our goods anyway would they ?
So surely in or out we will still have the problems…..but on the upside we would once again be free of draconian legislation & save billions in membership fees, regaining a vast amount of our sovereignty back……wouldn’t we ?

Let’s start thinking less about Grexiit & more about Brexodus, What better time to make such an announcement than the Queens Jubilee ?

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