Thank your God the EU is crumbling,because this is what is happening in the latest ‘democracy’, that even David Owen was talking about yesterday……the very same Cameron wants in the EU.

British hospital in Constantinople.

“Under a bill drafted by the Environment and City Planning Ministry, shopping malls, corporate management buildings, wedding halls, cinemas, theaters, opera houses, museums, schools, hospitals, public buildings, ports and airports, hotels, university dormitories and metro stations must have a small mosque (masjid) and kindergarten on their premises if they wish to be granted building licenses!”

The Prime Minister of the same country makes the headlines today in saying effectively he does not want or need Israeli tourists; IE Jews.
Such ignorance this bitter man shows [ on almost everything outside his small world ] does he not know there many Israeli Muslims ?
The man is not fit to lead a donkey & in my view is way out of his depth….. I’m sure by now you have realised I am talking about,Turkey….a country which is preaching secularism to the Arabs!

But on a lighter note… I see the Greeks want Istanbul [Constantinople] back, now that really made me chuckle !



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