Having watched & listened this morning to the BBC discussion,on the argument for banning *forced marriage,I am now inclined to see that this is much more complex than ones first reaction.

The victim already has laws she can use for kidnap, rape or threat of violence,but what she doesn’t have is the legal document in place as a deterrent against her parents who wish to inflict & coerce her into a marriage she does not want.
The argument a law would drive it underground does not hold water in my view, because it is already a clandestine activity.

Whilst she can at present reject the pending marriage by running away, [ to whom ?] this however gives more painful problems such as rejection by all family members ,her mosque & possibly ‘friends’… which for a member of a close knit community must mean loneliness & great misery, not to mention the financial difficulty.
Add to that that most of these girls are still immature schoolgirls, meaning at an age where they are not strong enough to stand up to a bullying father/brother & complicit mother.
After living in a closeted & controlled world with their family, the thought of going out into the big evil world of the infidel would be both terrifying & thrilling in almost equal measure I’d think.

This is the dilemma of somewhere upwards of 3,000 girls [15% boys ] every year ! Hard to believe isn’t it, that this is the UK we are discussing.

Brits seem loathe to intervene regarding forced marriages, because of the accusations they face by hostile immigrants & their appeasers.

“The victims, 15% of whom are boys according to the study, usually wind up cooperating with their families for various reasons, including threats of death and suicide by parents. Honor killings have not been an unknown phenomenon.”

So, my feeling is yes, outlaw this cruel practice to make the parents realise they now live in the UK not some barbaric God forsaken mud patch where they can continue their peasant ways.

Stop the debate & ban the practice ASAP before the summer holidays arrive to prevent further children suffering this fate, take the decision/dilemma away from the children & give them the reassurance that the law is on their side.

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*This is not the same as ‘arranged’ marriage whereby both parties agree to allow choice of marriage partner.

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