Having owned this house for 22 years I have seen many interesting wild animals,being in the countryside has always given me so much pleasure after living for so long on a small island which has limited wildlife.
Here in rural France I have seen wild boar,deer,Badger,fox,hare,hedgehog,pheasant,lizards,snakes,marten,stoaty thing,Owls & a huge array of other birds,butterflies,3 types of hummingbird Hawkmoth, & other insects.
It always surprised me though, that I have never seen a Squirrel here…. because amongst the many trees on my property I have hazlenuts,walnuts & beechnuts…a Squirrel paradise ?
I could only explain the reason for this was because they had plenty of food or hadn’t found the green corridor to travel from the nearest Chateau [10 mins by car] where red Squirrels are many.

Today that changed & history has been made,13th June a tiny little Squirrel just shot past my conservatory, I saw this ginger bundle scampering down the path towards me, wow. I’m so thrilled !

It went up into the nearest tree for a while & has since left.
Because of the small size 5inches,without tail, I’d say,I’m wondering how old it is & will it survive especially as there are numerous cats around ?
I have put out some cracked walnuts but what additional foods do Squirrels eat ?

This will seem very ordinary for you who have them in the UK, but in all my years in Jersey & only ever saw one Squirrel…… once.

Sorry about poor quality photo, it has been magnified many times on zoom & taken through glass… but it’s the only proof I have.

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