No, it isn’t , but this is what Hague wants to assist, Hague the Jihadist ?

A 22-year-old man, Yusef, is sitting cross-legged on the couch.
We have come to meet him before he leaves for Jihad in Syria.
He is a Salafi Islamist, part of a movement that is fast becoming a major player in the region. This is not the pragmatic secularized Islam, nor the social democracy of the Muslim Brotherhood or of the moderate Ennahda movement (the Renaissance Party) whom the Western world found so reassuring after the Arab revolutions.

Yusef is set to leave for Syria to fight Bashir al-Assad’s unholy regime. Other young Tunisians have already joined the jihad, recruited in the city’s most radical mosques, and given a ticket to Turkey, along with directions on how to reach the army of rebels.
“There are many other brothers: Egyptian, Libyan, Algerian,” says Yusef. Similar international Muslim brigades fought in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia.
What’s true is that Salafis in combat gear are patrolling Tunis’ “park of love,” where young couples meet up, behind a luxury hotel that Gadhafi’s son was building. The Salafis sometimes raid the park to stop acts they consider to be impure.
In Jendouba and Sidi Bouzid, the Salafis attacked and burned down bars that sold alcoholic drinks.

On May 20, more than 20,000 Salafi Islamists gathered in the Tunisian city of Kairouan.

Ihmed Zouhari, another young man, is one of the heads of the Hezb el Tahrir, a radical party that is run like a sect. They hate the Muslim Brotherhood and don’t believe democracy has its place in Islamic

Remember the name Hizb ut Tahrir.….. Baroness Warsi’s friend & family are members.
Read the whole article, I find it quite chilling.

Stay out of it Mr Hague !

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