Well if it wasn’t so serious I’d be laughing like a drain at the man’s irony.

So Barroso is feeling the heat at the start of the G20 summit & the inevitable squabbling is breaking out.
Obama has understandably upset the man by demanding a solution ASAP to the intractable problems within the EU .
Poor Barroso stood aloft the podium in his new invisible glasses knowing he cannot solve the crisis. It was a bravura effort but wrong in almost all he said.
He is blaming North America for EU problems, [ disbelief here] yes I thought I’d misheard him too, but no.
Then this deluded man went on at length about democracy, ‘ we [ the EU ] are a democracy’ we have 27 democracies we do not need lessons from those outside Europe to tell us what democracy is’.

I beg to differ Mr Barroso, you were not elected & the people were never given a choice on your democracy, I suggest you have invented a new style of democracy altogether.
“Frankly, we are not here to receive lessons in terms of democracy or in terms of how to handle the economy.” he said angrily.
Well frankly I think you do.You the man who drives a Volkswagon Touareg whilst demanding others cut CO2 emissions……

I’d like to ask , why are you in Mexico at all & why also in the most luxurious resort they have to offer ?
Why are you not boosting the economy of one of the struggling European countries,such as Greece ?
Especially if Greece is the key to global economy……..as we have been told over & over.
As the representative of the third most populous group at the G20 surely this could have been negotiated…had you bothered ?

Why in fact is there not a rotating system whereby European summits are held in all European [EU members ] capitals?

Reading through the details of how the commission works I find this contentious line:
‘Meetings are held behind closed doors and debates are confidential.’ [ clause 9 ] WHY ?

Why is secrecy needed Mr Barroso, why is the fate of 501,259,840 people,who pay your wages,whose money you blow on futile projects,decided in secret ?

LINK to EU Commission basics:index_en.htm#chooses

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