But MoO was right all along !

The Bankers have finally been exposed & they are dishonest spivs.They have ruined our image & changed our views of global banking, now to top it off we have the latest on the interest rate fixing, Lie-bor…if ever there was a suitable name for them,this is it !
We no longer respect politicians as a whole,too many Catholic priests have been found out ,teachers are having sex with pupils, then we have that potty Rowan Williams leading the believers to oblivion…..

Time to rely on ourselves [ which I’ve always thought] we the people need to be more active & less passive,we need to be less timid & disobey the great washed pontificating from on high whilst committing the gravest of sins against us.
People unworthy of positions of trust.

I’m not in favour of anarchy, but a little would go a long way,those who want a referendum should get together & stop paying taxes, it won’t work singly but en masse it would, make it a silent protest with the power of the Poll Tax rebellion, no violence we wouldn’t want to be classed as Arabs for our ‘spring’….
There are many things to be done,it won’t be easy but likewise the use of racist laws, as long as you obey, laws will be activated … even strengthened against you.
Start vocalising Cameron’s, the BBC, the Police racism against us the whites. Ignoring the white indigene in favour of the ethnic population… IS…racism yet do we hear many saying this.
Leftwing & Liberals use the these people to make themselves look as though their decisions are all inclusive,they are not these people are targeted…..I name one perfect example Warsi !
Demonstrations are either ignored or labelled,bigots, fascists , far right,thugs,etc etc.

Become a consciencious objector to the system,demand your say……..money speaks louder than anything to our leaders cut it off & make them more accountable as to how it is spent, make the arrogant government take note of what you want,email your MP & number 10…….there never was a better time !