I see China has been at it again & blocked ‘the truth, whenever there is a word that upsets them, they just go ahead and block it, most of the time you can’t really explain why they censor a certain word.

China is much criticised for this yet here on MyT the truth is frequently blocked & no one says a word about it.Yesterday I had a comment deleted four times,it was not untrue,libelous or abusive but simply fact.

I said London has been made a fortress due to the possibility of Islamic terrorism, IE: Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda’s Yemen-based terror cell, the same organization behind the 2009 attempted underwear bombing and a similar terror plot uncovered by a CIA informant less than two months ago, is believed to be behind this latest planned attack, according to the Sunday Times of London.

Now why would the Telegraph be afraid of leaving this comment standing.
Are they not aware that’s what missiles on roofs of private homes means & this is why thousands of security officials ,including the army will be patrolling 24/7,are they not aware that our air space is to be closed because of the threat from Al Qaeda who are hell bent on getting through ?
Are they not aware that in fact it was Islamists/muslims who were guilty of 9/11 ?
Since when was the word Islamist not allowed to be placed in front of the word terrorist,when was this banned ?

To be in such denial allows evil to grow, to pretend, to be cowed & to gag statements of fact here is both deceitful & ludicrous, how dare we point a finger at China ?
Maybe it was one moderator who appears to ‘obey’ one particular strain of comments or one who somehow has an affinity with the reporter…… we all know who he is.
But, it is bizarre in the extreme not to allow the term Islamist or Islamic terrorism when it is going on all around the world. I could list the countries but feel it superfluous here.


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