Unbelieveable !!!
This is a term used between black people showing their contempt for any of their kind if they act or think ‘white’.
I am truly staggered at this open hypocrisy, our courts have just had one five day high profile case amongst many, whereby courts can inflict punishments on a white person who even hints at noticing these peoples ‘colour’, these people who notice colour far more than we do & do themselves more harm with their own prejudice, than we do.
When a term such as ‘choc ice’ can be made on a public site insulting whiteness & not a word will be said by our authorities…….although it seems unfair, for that I’m glad, because this whole race issue is bizarre & banal.
I feel the whole JT incident was through career jealousy & racism was a useful tool & scapegoat.
The racist laws must be repealed, the whole issue has become a fiasco , drop the law & treat black people the same as white !
At present laws are loaded in their favour, this is totally wrong, a perfectly normal squabble between two grown men is blown up into a childish,toy throwing & expensive court case.
“The term choc-ice — dark on the outside but white inside – is a derogatory one often aimed at black people who are seen to be too keen to please white people – a contemporary version of the Uncle Tom insult.”


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