I have been reading so much about families these days, the demise of the family unit,failed parents,divorce, children killing their parents for no apparent reason,parents killing their young children,like the tragic case we hear of in Shropshire.
Then there’s the looming problem of the elderly & global spread of families, the so called breakdown of the family unit is partly explained here too.People no longer live in the same house all their lives,or even the same town/country.
I also see the Sky adverts for donations to the starving children of Africa.
So I ask, why do we have children ?

This got me thinking about the *normal family unit & when does a parents responsibility towards their children stop & a child’s begin ?
There is no doubt at sometime the responsibility is transferred from parent to child, when is it…when they’re middle aged or only when the parent is sick,old,frail ?

Should a child even have responsibility towards a parent ?
If so why,gratitude for their start in life,gratitude because they were lucky to have a secure & loving home unlike so many children we hear about who are trafficked,abused & starving ?

Then comes the million dollar question, do we become parents for ourselves or the child, is it selfish to even have children, do we do it because it’s expected of us to conform or simply for the experience ?
I can’t answer for others, but I can say my children were both natural conception & birth, planned & much wanted….. for no other reason than I wanted them & the family life which they would bring.

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