All eight involved in the car killing of three muslims in the West Midlands, the night of the riots, have been cleared

I can’t believe it !

Will there be a backlash ?

Names of the ‘not Guilty’ are:

The other defendants were Adam King, 24, of no fixed address;
Ryan Goodwin, 21, of Cranford Street, Smethwick;
Joshua Donald, 27, of Kelsall Croft, Ladywood;
Shaun Flynn, 26, of Wandsworth Road, Kingstanding;
Everton Graham, 30, of Mount Pleasant Avenue, Handsworth;
Juan Pablo Ruiz-Gaviria, 31, of Coplow Street, Ladywood, and 18-year-old Aaron Parkins, whose address has been withheld by the court.

Court sketch : (Top row, left to right) Joshua Ellis Donald, 27-years-old, Aaron Joseph Parkins, Ian Klim Beckford, 30-years-old and Everton Dwight Graham, 30-years-old, (bottom row, left to right), Adam King, 24-years-old, Ryan Goodwin, 21-years-old, Shaun Flynn, 26-years-old, Juan Pablo Ruiz-Gaviria, 31-years-old

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