Two conflicting cases here, one [French ] says you will eat during the day the other says you will not.
Apparently Saudi Arabia has warned all ex-pats that they could be deported if they are seen eating,drinking or smoking during Ramadan……
Here in France four Muslims who worked at a sports camp have been sacked for not eating at lunchtime:
“This lack of nourishment and hydration could have resulted in these employees not being in full possession of the means required to ensure activities at the camp were correctly and safely run, as well as the physical safety of the children in their charge.”

So here we have the classic dilemma of multiculturism, muslims ranting yet again crying that they are victims & feel they should not have to respect our wishes & have started legal proceedings to prove it……. quoting this is our religious right.
[quelle surprise ] whilst the other expat group must & will obey/respect the rules of Saudi Arabia under the threat of severe punishment.

How I despise these double standards.

I have two questions,do all restaurants close down during the day,for a whole month in muslim countries ?
Secondly , do all employers in secular France have to, by law,allow muslims to pray during working hours ?
What an utter mess leaders have led us into. they have taken decision making out of the employers hands, I truly believe there is no give in Islam…. only take & we all suffer for it.



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