Having seen so much ‘posh’ bashing going on about Cameron & Osborne it is clear that many Brits are resentful of those whose parents wanted a good education for their children.
Actor Benedict Cumberbach,star of Sherlock Holmes, is thinking of leaving the UK for this very reason.
Understandable for an actor,he’s tired of being type cast, yet when he complains it would appear others think this is out of order & as a ‘ moaning, rich, public-school b*****d’ he has no right !
It is a mystery to understand why people are so anti top schools,it’s also a mystery why the very same people sneer at the benefit cheats & the lazy, it would appear the Blair years have infected many without them realising it because this ‘posh bashing’ has come from many who think of themselves as rightwing too.

Dominic West and Damian Lewis, went to Eton & have both left for the states, just like the brain drain, well educated men have had enough,but this time it’s the people not the government who are to blame.
I for one am tired of seeing & hearing of the Bullingdon club as though its members were the only men alive to get drunk too often in their youth. [ See universities]
If this continues we will end up with a nation of pidgin English speakers, those with foreign accents or my pet dislike *Scottish accents so loved by the BBC.

For me, a genuine, educated English accent beats any of the regular speakers we have on TV or radio, or in government,whilst I have nothing against regional accents in everyday life, oddly,I quite like the Geordie accent, I abhor the Hague speaking voice for a Foreign Secretary….
Bring back elocution lessons & plummy accents, not the bland Cameron type voice who must have toned down his accent as Thatcher had to, lets sound ENGLISH again & have some resounding Churchillian speeches, more of the ‘how now brown cow‘ sort of lessons please.

Who do you like to hear speaking ?
The voice which comes immediately to my mind is Nigel Havers….who coincidently chose not to go to Eton & went to an Independent school.

* All but the softest trace.

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