C4 has just reported the most foul play ever !
The 15 year old girl up for blasphemy in Pakistan,I’m sure most of you have heard about this case,it has attracted international attention , has been framed …. by guess who ?
Only an Islamic Imam.
One wants to say unbelievable but of course it isn’t , such is their hatred for any non muslim.
Apparently the burnt pages of the Koran found in her bag , were planted there by said Imam.

“Pour petrol and burn these Christians,” said Iqbal Bibi, 74, defending the imam on the steps of the mosque where he preaches in Masih’s impoverished village of Mehr Jaffer.

“The cleric of the mosque has been oppressed. He is not at fault. He is innocent.”

I congratulate those who came forward with evidence against this Imam.


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