“Intelligence officers from the British Embassy in Paris are said to have been at the scene of the murder hours after it happened at 4pm (3pm UK time) on Wednesday.
They were tipped off by contacts in the French Interior Ministry as soon as the identity of the car’s owner was confirmed. According to the French TV station Demain, locals described embassy staff as being ‘military type’ and numbering around 20.”

Saad al-Hilli was known to the security services and was put under Metropolitan Police Special Branch surveillance during the second Gulf war, it was reported in the Daily Mail.”

Al-Hilli arrived with his father & family in the late 70’s after running from Saddam with whom his father worked,things went wrong so they fled to the UK.
The victim Saad Al-Hilli became a British citizen in 2002, he married 10 years ago, an Iraqi woman living in Sweden,whom he met in Dubai.

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