After two press conferences that can only be called a lesson in how not to answer question, I say the French most certainly know a great deal more than they are letting on. The intelligence services are all over this case
As I suspected this story could well grow into one of national security.
The facts so far:

The murdered man was working on a top secret project, he was assassinated by a pro, he is an Iraqi,a Shiite & his family were very high up in the Saddam government,there was a disagreement….[ I wonder what about ] so the family fled to the UK in the 70’s.
Al-Hilli’s elder brother is also an aerospace engineer, they have fallen out…over what ?
Al-Hilli was in fear of his life.

In the car with the women were ‘travel’ bags, were they fleeing somewhere,why travel 10 miles to a border town where there’s a factory making nuclear equipment ?
I am getting the feeling that the dead cyclist was intending to meet up with this family & that is why they were on this lane.

Al-hilli has also had experience of nuclear projects,he’s qualified in physics & maths.

Mr Al-Hilli was part of a team involved in an undisclosed project linked to European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS) – a pan-European defence giant which has contracts with Russia, China and the Foreign Office.

The Mail on Sunday has discovered that in December Mr Al-Hilli visited a sub-division of SSTL called DMC International Imaging, which has recently signed a contract with the Chinese to help map the country via satellite imagery. DMC also has a lucrative satellite-mapping deal with Russia and is working with the Foreign Office in Afghanistan to monitor illicit opium poppy cultivation.

‘The Iranians, for example, are desperate to acquire cutting-edge technology which they cannot legally obtain. If somehow they were either getting it from Mr Al-Hilli, or hoped to get it from him and he refused, they would not think twice about killing him.’

Yesterday Claude Moniquet, director of the Brussels-based European Strategic Intelligence and Security Centre (ESISC), said: ‘Satellite technology, along with drone technology, is the new frontier of science and a market which is worth billions of pounds.

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