After all the gloom & doom about the Olympics,how can anyone deny the massive success it turned out to be ?

A summer to remember in England 2012, not only for the Brits but globally,millions have seen , travelled & participated in this great display of organisation.
The sportsman & women did us proud, the venues,perfect,the travelling perfect,the volunteers perfect,in fact that was a stroke of genius on someone’s part. All so feared before the opening.
The feel good factor came to the country at a time when it was so badly needed.
I believe business enquiries are coming in purely due to seeing the country on TV & as we all know it:

“The Government has taken the chance to improve the employment situation across the UK technology sector by showcasing how desirable it is as an investment prospect. Throughout August alone, 17 summits have been planned to capitalise on the presence of worldwide business leaders who are currently in London for business purposes as well as to watch the Games.

Having already announced around £14 billion of new business already generated over the past few weeks, Chancellor George Osborne continues to encourage investment”


I loved Boris speaking last night about sitting on the sofa watching a generation of sports people & ‘some of you possibly ‘created’ the next generation of sports people”.
I have the strongest feeling Boris will be the greatest prime minister we’ve had in years.

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