In reply to Haymakers comment yesterday

Firstly I note this morning papers are trying to steer attention towards the nephew who has a history of violence & mental disturbance. I for one would discount him once I had checked his connections.
Hay you say Al-Hilli [ AH ] had nothing to do with nuclear but his qualifications would serve him well for that.
You say his family are Ba’athist defectors again when the Arab nationalist and socialist Ba’ath Party came to power in a coup, 53% of its membership was Shia. Gradually, however, Shia were shunted aside by 1968 only 6% of the Ba’ath party was Shia.
Throughout the 1970s Shia became increasingly disaffected. al-Dawa (“the Call”), a political party dedicated to the establishment of an Islamic state in Iraq, was formed. This inevitably led to resentment & was the time AH arrived in the UK, leaving all their assets behind.

Sunni & Shia tensions have been rife ever since
We hear AH at some stage took a pilgrimage to Iran where the revolution for Iraq was planned, [much more on Wikki on what followed,but I cannot find the dates for his visit to Qoms ]…he holidayed in the UAE,this indicates he was is true to his Islamic roots which makes the lack of Muslim support astonishing,only neighbours & family have spoken for him & not one message of condolence on his FB
One new fact buzzing amongst the Twitterati is the missing section of the roof rack on which cycles were brought to France,can be seen here,half is missing, was it a hollow tube ?

There are many details being withheld on this case & the French police are not investigating this case…the Gendarmes are, they are ministry of defence.
The man was not wealthy,though nothing has been said about bank accounts,the house belonged to his deceased father & now owned by AH & brother.
I’m leaning toward the man being blackmailed he got into something for whatever reason & was working for Iran, remember the Australian news is saying the wife & mother were Iranians,once they had what they wanted, why keep him alive ?

I still think he arranged to meet the French chap from Cezus for an exchange of some sort.
IF only we had a photo of this man or some background…IE: what are his roots ?

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