Funny we hear so much about them yet there’s nothing there !
En route [ not scheduled ] we climb up the narrow winding cliff road [terrifying] to the Golan Heights & the Syrian border,passing a UN vehicle on its way down,they guard the border [ & the sheep ?] because neither Israel or Syria are allowed to,but it’s deserted once we are there…….& nope,looking over towards Syria we saw no missiles, it was all very calm & bucolic.
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Sorry, fuzzy photos taken on an iPod Touch as Camera card was already full.

Trenches & looming sculptures of soldiers dot the skyline.

This would seem to be a tourist place rather than disputed land as there is a cafe serving fantastic coffee,food & Israeli red wine….. to only dream of now.
Lovely staff,if a little disorganised….

When I told Danny [ Guide ] I was scared to go back down the steep road… even though I’d taken some dutch courage in said cafe, he said, ‘ do what the driver does,just close your eyes’, this was a great comfort !!!

In Nazareth we visit the Church of the Annunciation,St Joseph’s workshop & Mary’s well, passing acres of banana plantations growing under mesh for protection from the sun, also date palms, pomegranate & citrus fruits.
All very beautiful.
It’s noticeable that from large open spaces we can see across to dense settlements in & on hillsides, the white houses looking like snow from a distance.
I should have said in between these main places we did extras,including the ancient city of Capernaum which was fascinating & where these Roman statues:

Another massive amphitheatre, it rained heavily whilst we were there so two of us dived into the little cafe for coffee, my companion rather shocked me when he said he lived in Guernsey & had a house 20 minutes away from me in France ! What are the chances of meeting like that in Israel ? .

Here a whole city, but I cannot remember where it was, complete with road intact & is being reconstructed,this Roman city was destroyed during an earthquake, archeologists have determined this by the direction of the fall of many pillars & arches.

These curious things once supported a floor in the same city,please do not ask me where exactly as my clever little machine seems to have deleted my notes !!.

We arrive at our best hotel yet at around 6pm & in my favorite place of all, 4 nights in… Jerusalem……a city with everything for someone interested in interior design…… WoW !!
This was another day,with no restrictions on photos & no security seen anywhere.

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