Jerusalem day 2.
No one could be disappointed by this wonderful city, it has everything historic yet modern,cultured yet stylish,busy yet clean.
On a recommendation & after a sumptuous dinner one evening, some of us walked a few yards down the road to the American Colony Hotel which has a fine reputation as a five star hotel but also a fascinating history…. [do take a look at how it started:,_Jerusalem

We were well rewarded the interior is a feast for the eyes, what a lovely old building & with the the most beautiful & tasteful Christmas decorations, how I would love to stay there next time I’m in Jerusalem.
We sat in a smart cave like lounge & enjoyed the surroundings with a bottle of bubbly.
American Colony Hotel.

The next day to the Holocaust Museum,what a contrast !

As you may know we are not supposed to take photos in here, but as you can see, some do, these were not taken by my camera, but a sneaky iPod so sorry not the best quality..

These are the actual Tramlines brought from Poland.

Next are all the names of concentration camps set into the floor.

This photo is as is, one enters a completely dark room,feeling the way along a cold metal handrail, for every one of these little lights which are on the walls & ceiling,a child died.

No one could come out of this place unmoved,there’s so many moving quotes,poems, rolling personal stories & remaining objects,including a railway truck/carriage,quiet,discreet, alcoves with a couple of seats to sit & contemplate or watch & listen to the film clips.
Whilst the atmosphere is sombre inside this building,morbid it isn’t, there are no shock tactics just the evidence,such as a glass case set low into the floor full of shoes…….
I felt as a whole it tackles this tragic subject with great sensitivity & very well presented.
It was like no other ‘museum’ it is a memorial, not fusty & at all times the exit can be seen at the far end…. open,there’s no feeling of being trapped or closed in…. in view of the subject,very clever.

Finally after signing the book, which is not just a series of names & date of visits, you are given a whole page or several if that’s what you want,to write your feelings…memories…experiences…….

This is the exit, I found it particularly poignant, as strange as this may sound after all I’d just seen, but maybe it’s because I could walk out & be free ?

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