Mosque, strangely enough mixed during the week but for women only on Fridays !

During the Crusader period, the Dome of the Rock was renamed Templum Domini, seen here from Mount of Olives.

Looks beautiful from a distance doesn’t it ?
Frankly that’s the best view, close up I found it to be rather disappointingly ugly, in many ways….. no not because it’s a mosque,but being an octagonal shrine it is full of straight sharp line,unlike its dome,plus the obvious neglect of the building.

Also, the space lacked any ‘feeling‘, kids were playing football in the huge open area & being chased away by guards,the surrounding buildings seemed random & much of what you read is simply no longer there.

The roof work inside this a nearby building.

One of the four gateways into the area, the golden domes of the Russian orthodox church seen through the righthand arch..

I liked the remains of the crusade buildings there are a number of stone domes along one side,they seemed more real somehow, solid,not flashy but lasting……..

I couldn’t resist a photo of this hunched old lady,one of the not so upright citizens.

Muslims blocked these arches to stop Jews going to & from tombs.

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