Having read this on AA I cannot believe what’s happened to you & your archive:

By hdgdggd
“Hello Rosie, My parting shot.
Yes, it appears that my archive has now been suspended.
Why? Someone I once worked with has decided to do whatever he could to have my blogs thrown out of MyT after over five years of blogging.
What has he contributed? You might well ask.
In the world of today it is far easier to destroy than create. The person I know who has done much to contaminate my existence on MyT .
He is unable to blog substantially in any meaningful way because he knows very little of this world except law and what can be learnt from listening to the experiences of others.
I will not name him but do feel pity for him. He now blogs on MyT under the name of: Higher Ground.
His former names on MyT were:Middleground.rancidremote controland, now, Higher Ground.So, today, tonight everything I have done.
Everything I have said and contributed to MyT is archived because some person has contaminated my blogs.
Well done moderators of MyT. You have caved in to what is negative and destructive.
If this is your policy, I am well rid of you.nbBy the way, all are equal unto God. The problem is, not all want to be.
Thanks to all at MyT and all the friends I have made here.”

Another massive mistake by mods who don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing !
I invite you to visit
: https://katiekatie3.wordpress.com/
Come & have your say, vent your feelings & feel welcome.

EDIT: Nobby’s account has now been fully reinstated….result !

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