“The militant group also included men from Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritania and Niger, Mr Sellal said.
At least 29 Islamists from eight nationalities were killed in the operation to end the siege, with the remaining three captured alive.
The make up of the attacking group – an al-Qa’ida splinter brigade who call themselves “Those Who Signed in Blood” – will be carefully examined as security experts try to assess the scale of the terror threat across North and West Africa.
Islamists who overran the town last week contained English-speakers and militants of European appearance….. “only five Algerians” took part in the attack and “none of them were locals from the city”……“One terrorist shouted ‘Open the door’ with a North American accent, then fired,.

Have you got that ? Eight different countries….. Add the Canadians ,French, English that’s 11, maybe , just maybe, things will join together & dawn on our leaders & deniers that this is global……not a few baddies as too many silly people try to tell themselves & us, it’s GLOBAL

This world of terror is a well constructed plan by intelligent men & women who have the backing & funding to take on the West.

Kidding yourselves there are no sleepers within the government & establishment offices is another huge mistake.

Call me Dave & his new BF Hollande, is saying it may take years to kill off the Islamic groups…..but I’m sorry to say all they are doing is firing up more supporters for the Islamic cause.
They may kill off this group but for every one you break up there are many more evolving those Jihadist you kill have friends, relatives, mosques with sympathisers who will hit back……. I remind those leaders that it only takes one of these brain washed religionists who are not afraid of death, to cause mayhem.
Time for a new strategy instead of the old bomb & kill em, leave them in their own lands.
Start at home by showing some courage, take out the enemy within, stop pussy footing around & show a firm hand…….because if you don’t, it won’t abroad that you are fighting the same evil, but on your own doorstep………where it started.

Once upon a time it was an old man called Bin Laden, the hubris & jubilation at his assassination was nothing short of risible,we knew it then & we see it now, a cynical timely kill,governments blamed him for everything but his legacy will live on.
Politicians created BL, they allowed him to live & now see what their actions have wrought !


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