Our whole way of buying/packaging/food needs to be looked at,packaging has not only become unnecessarily bulky but plain deceitful.
Large packs with a small box/jar inside, using more material than it should purely to make the product look a better buy,jars of face cream are good example,the glass is so thick there’s barely room for the cream…yoghurts with a large indent in the base used as a filler.

My personal beef is fruit in nets or bags, have you ever wondered why there’s always one rotten mandarin/orange/spud in them ?
It goes like this,the vendor has a glut of overripe fruit so there’s a tray of overripe fruit by the packer or end of line,into each bag/net goes one piece along with the under ripe product, this way the vendor sells what otherwise would be a loss & you the mug has paid for it.

Then the’s the loose fruit/avocado/melon/pineapple which rots before it ripens or as recently noted the irradiated which lasts & lasts.
At Christmas we ate a Spanish melon [with parma ham & ginger ] which I had bought in August, it was perfect.
Right now I have some Braeburn apples in almost perfect condition, also bought around October time, what is that all about , is irradiated food harmful, we are assured it isn’t ?

Have you ever noticed this sign on food labels,I haven’t but will be looking for it now that I know it should be on the product “:
The international symbol of irradiation, known as a “radura”, and a statement indicating that the food was treated with irradiation”

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