At the start of my recent trip to Israel, this subject was mentioned by the tour manager who was giving advice on what is usual.
On my announcement that ‘I never tip’, a few reacted with amazement, but it is true, to me tipping is an embarrassment & degrading to the recipient.
Never has my ‘non tip’ been a problem in all my travels,this furtive underhand shake of the hands with a grubby note in it, makes me cringe.











As it happens,on this last trip I did openly give paper money to our driver purely to say thank-you for delivering me safely after a week of driving me to all the places visited…….when you think of where we were & the possible dangers he deserved it.
He always had a smile on his face,was so helpful & patient with everyone ……he was a lovely gentle-man,but my money was not a tip but a genuinely, big, grateful, thank-you.

In this modern world, I’m surprised that the degrading act of tipping has not been banned.
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