Today we hear again about Nigerians being kidnapped by Jihadists.
In the news also today the Turkish foreign minister says Jihad means personal struggle not Holy War….but this is only partly true & is deliberate obfuscation I feel.

This from a man who aspires to be an International player for the ME.
We could give many examples of the contradictions in Islam & what muslims say. It has got to the stage where I just shake my head in disbelief at statements like the above.
Is the denial due to his belief we are all stupid,can’t read, or plain gullible ?
Does he not understand how trying to proselytise in this way we not only distance ourselves from him/them but that we see an attempt to deceive or should I give him the benefit of doubt & blame his Imam for deceiving him in his Koranic classes ?
After thinking about it I go for the former, Davutoglu is a renown scholar [ in Turkey ] a professor & PhD…..albeit in politics,administration & international relations.
How, I do not know,he has failed in Internastionl relations, is now complaining about questions put to him at a conference in English, his views on Israel & Israelis are well known, he’s an anti semite…. bash a Jew at every turn… not very diplomatic for a so called ally. Is this what those promoting them for the EU want ?

All in all, I believe the so called moderates so loved & oft wheeled out by the BBC are all in denial/ignorance of the scriptures they purport to defend.
Once one realises this,we have the answer as to why so many argue vehemently that we are wrong when telling them the meaning of words in their own holy book !
To say we the non muslims & the Islamists have the interpretation right……would be far too painful for them & they would lose their much coveted honour…..false pride ?
Honour in the Islamic world is not the same as for us IE: keeping a promise or an oath, for them honour means not losing face or letting Allah down….hence it is their duty to go for lesser Jihad which is when you humiliate them or attack Islam = Holy war.
This is why Islam is so inflexible they never back down,concede & never apologise……ever.

Western politicians are being too soft & need to learn all this ASAP !

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