Frankly if there were such a ‘thing’ as a god, I should think he’d be insulted by the way his creation…. man… has disregarded all the beauty he gave them.

Religious fiends, not only cut off bits of their bodies, the very body which was designed by their god , they insist in shrouding the beauty of it, do they believe their god got the design wrong, particularly of their women, because they elevate themselves above god & change his design by FGM, do they they know better than ‘him’ the deity whom they adore & speak to almost hourly ?
They kill imagination of the god given brain in children & the natural progression that God blessed them with.
Religious fiends such as muslims, do not see the magnificent world around them they spend their lives reading ancient texts, feeling guilty, ignoring this god given life looking toward only to the next, they’re self indulgently trying to improve themselves…but ignoring how god made them & praying instead of being out listening to the natural sounds around them the music of nature,nor do they trust that their god …… also created Jews,Christians, Hindus, Kurds & Armenians.

So often the chant is that there is only one god, ha ha ha….. so answer this question you Islamic fiends, how did Allah get all this so wrong, why do you think he made so few of you & so many others to outnumber you ?

Something else which is puzzling .

Why is it you waste this life looking toward your future life of plenty, of sheer gluttony on all things, whilst modelling it on a past of poverty & a present of denial.
Your life model is, live a good life of denial only to be rewarded with all you have been told is bad…in the next ?

I often wonder what lies Imams come up with to answer such questions.

Could this be why muslims are so confused & angry towards us, that we have now all that which they can only get next time around ?

Like the Imam who said to a child who asked,’ how do you know Allah exists’, he replied,because he brings dead trees back to life every spring………………Oh dear such ignorance is plied to innocent children.

Thank goodness the child didn’t ask why Allah doesn’t bring dead people back to life.

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