What a disaster this Egyptian crash is on a number of levels.

Having seen the size of the baskets containig 22 people & the number of balloons all in the air at the same time, over Luxor, I think this would contribute to the danger which is inherent in ballooning.
Would eight small planes be allowed to fly as close together like that…of course not.
Clearly unregulated & knowing how life seems to be cheap in some countries I’m not a bit surprised to hear about this disaster.
Travel companies knew some of those balloons & pilots were not fit for purpose,but did they do anything about them….all they did was simply to tell customers the names of the ones that were.

I have done ballooning in Africa,only two balloons at a time & only 6 of us including the American pilots were in each basket.
Safety never entered my mind at the time as the professionalism of the company was evident from the start.
From arrival at the checkin lodge at 6am to arriving at the balloon take off point,where all staff & crew were lined up to greet us,smiling & smartly dressed in bright red uniforms,the pilot in full pilot uniform

A very close friend of mine lost his co-pilot less than two years ago in a ballooning accident, it was their own balloon ,both were experienced balloonists, ex-airline pilots & they had been chosen to represent GB in an international balloon race,but still with a change of wind direction catching them unawares whilst near the alps,they crashed into a mountain side.

Eight balloons in the sky with power cables in the area is just negligent & an accident waiting to happen, leaving too little room for error…. especially with a pilot who was probably inept.

Another very noticeable thing about this Egyptian ballooning is the price of a flight..cheap cheap cheap €50-90 !
For me & my two children in the 80’s it was £100 per person,per flight & no it was not a luxury special but standard flight.

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