“Harry Potter films for hire, strawberries for tea and shoes laid out by the bed with military precision… The images that show what life is REALLY like in ?

At mealtimes they can choose, depending on their dietary requirements, from a selection of vegetarian or fish dishes – with lemons to drizzle – with vegetables on the side and a juice to wash it all down.
For those who eat meat, halal beef is often on offer at lunch and dinnertime with a similar selection of side dishes.
To relax, they can visit the camp’s in-house library, which contains a host of books, in Arabic and English, Hollywood blockbuster DVDs and magazines.”

“Guantanamo Bay has long been a subject of controversy in the United States and around the world and the Obama administration made it a policy pledge to shut the prison camp on his first full day in office in January 2009.
Since then, however, he has been blocked by Congress from doing so and the 166 inmates there have been left in legal limbo, despite the president ruling out sending any more terror suspects to Guantanamo”.

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