It’s almost unbelievable that Cypriot banks could steal from their customers in this way. Banks & bankers have been dirty words for a number of years but this now takes them down to the lowest ebb ever !

How can anyone ever trust them again,like politicians they lurch from one disaster to the next ?
I feel for all savers in Cyprus & the anger they must feel, banks have always been the only business who take money without consent,they make mistakes but getting them to admit it & refund incorrect debits is a long drawn out fiasco, now, to add insult to injury this government is going to do the same !
I find this even worse….the fellow eurozone countries and international creditors Saturday imposed a levy on all deposits in the island’s banks. Fellow Eurozone countries ?

To say I’m disgusted with this latest theft is an understatement……trust has gone,just you watch the run on banks today throughout the Eurozone.
Even the timing is sinister, a bank holiday….which may be extended to stop the erosion & withdrawals.

If there is a god…. will this get him to finally bring down the corrupt, crumbling, tower of Babel ?

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