“On Saturday, the leading liberal commentator David Goodhart described the profound effect mass immigration has had on social cohesion. He admitted that, for decades, liberals like him failed to realise its implications.

Thanks to over-rapid immigration in recent years, Britain is heading for an ethnic minority population of around 25 per cent by the end of this decade

You can see it in action at weekends in a small park close to Morden station. On a sunny day, the place is usually full but divided along ethnic lines: large groups of Pakistani women picnicking with children, Polish guys drinking beer, young Indian men playing cricket, Africans playing basketball.

There is quite a large East European group in Merton which tends to keep itself to itself. Several of the more entrepreneurial communities, such  as the Indians and Tamils and  Iraqi Kurds, create jobs but they invariably go to members of their  own community.

Some minorities import historic feuds. Orthodox Muslims in the area are suspicious of the Ahmadiyans; Tamil youths fight among themselves, as do Somalis; and the historic black (Caribbean and African) versus Asian antipathy is also played out on  some streets.”

There’s little I can add to this man’s report, if he is typical of liberals, then I hope they are all now realising the full impact of the damage they have done.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2298553/A-mega-mosque-suburb-90-cent-white-30-years-ago-polite-apartheid-dividing-Britain.html#ixzz2OXpbAV00