After a great fanfare & much excitement seen in the Daily Telegraph when presenting their new star columnist,  one Kelvin Mackenzie he’s been sacked or has  with mutual agreement,resigned,either way he’s gorn !

Did you read him, two days & it was all over, That is one speedy action .


I read his first piece,lengthy & refreshing some would say, but the comments were as forceful as ever they are when readers don’t like something/one. I was a lone voice in welcoming him, but did noticed the speed at which comments were made & the sheer vitriol aimed at the man.

Having read Piers Morgans first diary book, in which there’s a lot of interaction with KM ,I was left liking the man for his brilliant sense of humour, so was surprised feelings were so strongly against him, it seems people don’t forget or forgive.
Poor Kelvin, but knowing his sense of humour he’ll be chuckling all the way to the bank & the DT can feel safe behind their pay-wall !.

Personally I’d have thought,regardless of the vitriol & threats the paper would have been wiser to hang on to him, controversy sells papers, people log in to say their piece & it stimulates debate, pity this is not understood.
However he has gone , so now we can see the DT does  take note of what we say & we do have a voice like it or not, all we need now is for the politicians to do the same….by reacting to what is frequently seen in the comment columns.

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