I’d like to post a tribute to Maggie Thatcher.
‘She was a divisive Prime Minister’…. well yes it appears she was, but what’s wrong with getting 50% right, ?
Did we have that with Blair/Brown, do we have that now, I think I’d settle for 50% rather than the shambles we do have ?

Comparisons may be odious but there was a energetic vibrancy during her time, yes we were all younger then, maybe this sense of loss & sadness is part of that,but I admired MT enormously.
She was a winner, one felt proud to have her representing ones country , she was a colossus on the world stage & a kind woman at heart, had she been in number 20 years later we would never have had the crippling Political Correctness,we’d have still been an honest nation.
Those still complaining about her, should think again & blame politicans who came after her for not changing what is their continued complaint.

My disgust for the ‘politician’ started with the betrayal of MT, Hestletine was on my TV screen recently & I wondered why anyone would want his opinion, him & number of others were deceitfully cruel in the extreme,I do wonder if there was ever regret on their part ?

How I yearn for the likes of her once again someone so desperately needed, someone with courage to turn the country around, to make us proud to be British,proud to be white,proud of our past & a country working again.

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