Does that remind you of Percy Thrower ?

The DT asks a very interesting question in a gardening article, do youngsters ever think of gardening as a career ?

I see this as an excellent option & one does not need a large garden to be a gardener, this is a huge field [ sorry] & a wide ranging subject. Growing or gardening can be creative & productive, for the more creatively inclined, garden design may be the route to take, for the horticulturally minded food produce or the floral aspect, for the scientific the study of hybridisation & soils, there’s also the vast arboreal sector of interest .

There’s much to offer under the auspices of gardening, no longer should the young see this purely as a hobby for older people .

More schools need to encourage this as a career, I always thought my own interest in gardening came from my school days where we had gardening  once a week, only later did I find it’s in my genes with an uncle who was a  well respected horticulturist.

Personally I’m in the creative category more than the gardening, I plant for the desired effect, stand back & watch the result.

Gardening is like housing,it ranges from that scruffy bedsit / single pot of Basil on the kitchen window sill, to the semi detached/ that bit of green you call a lawn, to mansions / vast estates to garden centres..

They should look at the successful chaps & chapesses seen on our TV screens, they are making a handsome living,the branch [:-)] of this diverse subject is there for their choosing.

“The RHS survey further revealed that 70 per cent of 18-year-olds do not think gardening is a career to be proud of, while 79 per cent of those aged 40 or over hold exactly the opposite opinion.”

I think we need to change this attitude,especially as food get shorter.

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