Deep fried Dates !

I’ve had a yearning for doughnuts,something I haven’t eaten for years because the French just cannot make them as I remember these yummy squidgey sugary jam filled beauties.
So,on a whim I mixed up some rich batter & set to, then I became ambitious & experimented with other battered food,prunes work well,but the winner has to be the Dates, these I brought back from Israel, they are quite different to the sticky ones we buy boxed up, larger,dryer & softer almost like fudge,dipped in a sweet batter, deep fried & rolled in sugar……..are out of this world.
I guarantee none will be left on the plate if you make them.

Batter: Flour, 2 eggs,mix with a little milk/water to a sticky batter, I added liquid cane sugar , tiny pinch of salt………….result  …… 

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