Sweet !
The photo belies the size of this little chap , as deer go,he was tiny, I watched for sometime from my conservatory as he munched on something in the  long grass, then I went out into the garden to watch, in the end I couldn’t resist coughing to get him to look at me & look at me he did, it was worth the wait.
What a pretty little face. ……………Please do click on photos to enlarge.


PS,date 11th June.
The little monkey has now found his way into my garden & this is what I saw first thing this morning.


I had my suspicion before when I found several buds of my Peace rose had been cleanly snapped off,to find him in my garden is surprising as he must have pushed his way through a lot of growth, I bet the rose perfume smells of food to deer ?

Sorry about the poor quality pic, it was taken through the glass of my conservatory & magnified.