A badger cull is two fold it could provide us with meat.
Meat for which we have not had to provide expensive care,housing or food.Do the cull, sell the meat & eat.

‘Arthur Boyt thinks Dickson Wright is talking good gastronomic sense. He has been eating badger most of his life: he stewed up a piece of back meat with the animal’s genitals for supper last Thursday.
“Dog, especially labrador, is my favourite, but badger makes a pretty good meal.” Boyt, a 73-year-old former civil servant and scientist, does not kill animals.
All his free meat comes from the roads around his home on Bodmin Moor.’

‘European recipes for badger often ask you to lay it in running water for several days to get rid of a rank flavour. But Boyt says that’s only necessary for fox. And badger, though it doesn’t need to be hung, can be eaten when it’s “quite green” – that’s assuming the diners aren’t similarly tinged.’

Leg of Badger for the week-end roast ?


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