Click picture & see how these people are being sprayed with what is thought to be pepper spray at close quarters.

Used gas canisters.

A Turkish riot policeman uses teargas or pepper spray as people protest against the destruction of trees in a park in Taksim Square in central Istanbul on 28 May. Photograph: Osman Orsal/Reuters

Little has changed in Turkey, Erdogan may have jailed the military to prevent another coup, but in his dictatorial ways he forgot the people, people who are better educated & people with courage & spirit, he’s pushed the people too far.
No longer are they prepared to be told,what to wear,what to drink,how many children to have , No longer to they want a bully boy insulting everyone who criticises him & embarrassing their image with his uncouth ways.
His empire building & his demolition of Attaturk’s work in modernising Turkey into a secular Turkey
Erdogan must go before Turkey is dragged back to Ottoman days.

“People were afraid of being beaten and of being gassed, but we have shown that we are not anymore,” said Halil Sertbulut, a 37-year-old PhD candidate in political science, speaking in Taksim Square.

“Finally the people of Turkey have become politically active”, he added.

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